As an established technology company, our “roots” are deep and fruitful; we have always been about the proper application of science and knowledge to the unique needs of mail distribution. We were the first company to offer “mobile” computers back in the early 1990s. We created software that was installed on a GRiDPad. The GRiDPad ran a modified version of MS-DOS and had a contact barcode reader/stylus that could be used to read barcodes and collect electronic signatures. From there, we supported MS Windows devices from NCR (NCR System 3125) and the Compaq Concerto.

Beginning in the mid-1990s Symbol developed the SPT-1700, which was a PalmOS device that featured an integrated barcode reader and a touch screen—very cool. Interestingly, we were also the first to offer “wireless” connections with the Symbol SPT-1733 which featured a CDMA radio. This allowed our Clients to actually process packages in the field and update delivery data without having to put the device in a cradle.

Then came the Symbol SPT-1800 and finally a Pocket PC device that worked well enough to use: the Symbol PPT-8800. From there, we got Windows Mobile and the Compact Framework from Microsoft and even better devices from Motorola, Intermec, and Honeywell.
Today, we have HTML 5, WDSL, Smartphones and Tablets to apply to the business of delivering and shipping packages. And we look forward to currently emerging technologies in our quest to develop the very best solutions for mail distribution.