Oden Distribution Solutions

ODS Suite

The ODS Suite is a completely web-based solution for mail distribution.  It includes four modules that are fully integrated, but each of them can operate independently, if required.  ODS PacTrac provides mail tracking services, particularly for express courier packages.   ODS PacShip is our multi-carrier component, which includes options for rate shopping between vendors like DHL, FedEx and UPS.  ODS eInterOfficeMail is software that was designed to consolidate and manage shipments within an organization with all the benefits provided by common carriers, but at a substantial per item cost saving. ODS VirtualDelivery leverages technology to more effectively target the delivery of items for recipients that are often not assigned to traditional static office locations.

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ODS PacTrac helps you effectively manage trackable items. While ODS PacTrac is most often used to track and account for incoming overnight carrier parcels from DHL, FedEx, UPS and barcoded postal mail, it can be applied to virtually any application. ODS is used in banking, healthcare, hospitality and other industries to improve workflow and accountability for high volume, high value and high visibility items.

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ODS PacShip is our multi-carrier shipping product that features rate shopping. ODS PacShip was built to optimize the finite window imposed by the overnight and ground carriers. As more-and-more commerce is delivered by common carriers, cutoff times for shipment readiness get compressed. ODS PacShip mitigates this challenge with proven features and options to dramatically reduce the time required to create shipment waybills and supporting documentation.

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ODS eInterOfficeMail has been helping companies significantly reduce shipping expenses for over 15 years. ODS eIOM can turn any intra-company parcel into a trackable shipment, exactly like a FedEx or UPS parcel, with one key difference—hardly any incremental cost.

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ODS VirtualDelivery, our newest offering, easily turns physical deliveries first into virtual deliveries.  This feature reduces the amount movement and re-handling of parcels in an environment where workers can, and do, work at anytime, anywhere in the world.

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